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Noncash Contributions

Below are buttons linking to an Excel spreadsheet that can help you estimate the fair market value of your non-cash contributions (e.g. clothing & household goods).  Please see the PDF to the right for my Charitable Noncash Guide.  Non-cash contributions are deducted at their fair market value (generally what the item would sell for, if sold). 


For items not found, online auction sites, such as eBay and craigslist, can also provide a good idea of what prices people are putting on used goods.

Click button below for Excel '04 & later
Click button below for Excel '97 - '03

Donation of Fruit from your yard

If you have a tree that you would like to donate its bounty to a wonderful organization please contact Community Harvest of Davis -  Community Harvest's volunteers will come harvest your fruit to donate it to agencies that feed people in need.  You will receive a charitable deduction for the fair market value of the harvest as well as have it put to good use!  

This is a great deal!  You get to help those in your community in need as well as receive a tax deduction while also keeping your yard clean!

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