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NonProfit Client Documents & Information Needed:

Please provide the following documents/information for preparing nonprofit tax returns (some may not apply):

  • The following payroll tax returns (if applicable):

    • Annual Form W-3

    • Quarterly Forms DE9

    • W-2(s) for Excutive Director & officers (if applicable)

  • Backup copy of QuickBooks and password for QuickBooks file (if applicable). 

  • If your organization has an audit by a CPA, please provide the audited financial statements.  

  • If you do not have an audit, or use QuickBooks, please send the following financial statements:

* Statement of Financial Position (aka Balance Sheet in the for profit world) for the year ended

* Statement of Activity (aka Profit & Loss or Income Statement in the for profit world) for the year ended

* General ledger for the year ended

  • Source documents received such as Forms 1099-INT, 1099-B, 1099-DIV, K-1's & 1099-K (if applicable).

  • List of board of directors & positions held as of the tax returns year end


  • Copies of the last month's statement for the year end {e.g. if December is the organization's year end I would only need December's statement(s)} for each:

    • Bank account(s)

    • Business credit card(s) (the statement should have activity through year end.  It will most likely have some of the following month's activity on it)

    • Loan statement(s) showing year end balances. 

  • List of names of donors who gave the greater of 2% of revenues or $5,000 to the organization during the tax year (need name, address & total amount donated during the tax year).  A contributor generally includes individuals, fiduciaries, partnerships, corporations, associations, trusts, and exempt organizations. 

  • Total estimated number of people that provided volunteer services during the tax year.

  • Copies of current year's Forms 1099 that your business issued to independent contractors and landlords (required when paying over $600 for services or rents - see my Form 1099 page for more information).

  • If your organization received government funding, during the year, please provide the name(s), address(es) & contact(s) from the government funding source(s).

  • Copies of any notices received from IRS or Franchise Tax Board (or other state agency)

  • Amount of retirement plan liability at tax year end (amount of contributions for prior year that will be or have been made in the current year) 

  • Amount of retirement plan contributions made by the organization on behalf of the executive director (if any).

  • Amount of health insurance benefits paid by the organization on behalf of the executive director (if any).

  • Copies of invoice or purchase document for equipment (including vehicles) that were purchased with financing in the tax year (if applicable).

  • Copies of capital leases entered into in the tax year (if applicable).

  • If you are a new client, please provide prior two year's tax returns.  If these are not readily available they can possibly be found online by me.

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