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Business Property Taxes

If you own taxable personal property in any county whose aggregate cost is $100,000 or more for any assessment year, you must file a property statement with the Assessor of that county whether or not you are requested to do so. Any person not otherwise required to file a statement shall do so upon request of the Assessor regardless of aggregate cost of property. The Assessor of the county will supply you with a form upon request.  The due date is generally May 7th unless the 7th falls on a weekend (while the form shows a due date of April 1st, penalties are not assessed unless filed after May 7th).

The form can be filed online, at the link below, as long as you have your account number and BIN number (the county sends these out each year to businesses who have filed in previous years or to businesses who they are requesting to file - see example of notice to file here).

Yolo County -

Other CA Counties -

If you would like my help completing the form please send me:


At the least :


1.  Complete the agent authorization form, at the button to the right on this page, for your business and return to me.  This will allow the county to release your account and BIN numbers to me.


2.  If you have not already filed your prior year's income tax returns, with me, please provide a listing of fixed assets disposed and/or acquired in the prior year.  If you have not filed your income tax returns with me in the past, please provide a full listing of your fixed assets including those purchased in the prior year.


If available:


3.  A copy of last year's business property tax statement.


4.  The blank copy of the current year's business property tax statement that the county sent earlier this year.

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