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2023 Individual Extensions
DUE April 15, 2024 

If you need an extension of time to file your tax returns, please do one of the following:


1.  If you believe you will not owe please just let me know that.

2.  If you believe you will owe and you know that you want to pay, please let me know how much you want to pay to the IRS $_________ &/or CA $___________.

3.  If you want me to calculate your extension, please send me what information you have to calculate the extension as best as possible (please click the yellow box below for a list of possible items needed). 


If no information is provided (which is fine with me) I will assume your tax situation was similar to the prior year.  If you had any major swings in income please be sure to let me know (estimates are fine for the extension).

Please note that an extension extends the deadline to file your returns until October 15th, but does not extend the deadline to pay.  If you are projected to owe you generally must pay by April 15th.


Please either drop off your documents at my office, fax to 530-231-0284, text photos of documents to me at 530-908-1761, upload the documents to your TY23/Client Source Documents in my SmartVault portal or upload to the link on my website below:

When I have the extensions prepared I will provide the extension for you to mail payments. 


If you prefer to pay electronically you can do so at:




California -


If paying electronically I do not suggest paying by credit card (if possible) as they both charge fees (> 2%) to do so.

4. If you are filing your extension yourself here is a link to the IRS & California's sites with extension resources, information & extension forms:




Please see the attached flyer (blue box right below) with information on extensions for your information.

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