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Business Client Documents & Information Needed:

Please provide the following documents/information for preparing a business tax return:

  • The following payroll tax returns:

    • Annual Forms W-3 & 940

    • W-2(s) for shareholders & officers (if applicable)

  • Backup copy of QuickBooks and password for QuickBooks file (if applicable). 

    • If not using QuickBooks, please provide:

      • Balance Sheet for the tax year ended.

      • Profit and Loss (aka Income Statement) for the tax year ended.

      • General ledger for the tax year ended (ideally in PDF or Excel format).

    • I have a video on how to create a QuickBooks backup on my site -

    • If using QuickBooks online here are visual steps to add an accountant user -

  • Source documents received such as Forms 1099-MISC, K-1's & 1099-K (if applicable).

  • Did your business have a Payroll Protection Program loan (PPP loan) that was forgiven in 2023 (this is generally not taxable)?


  • Copies of the last month's statement for the year end (generally this is only the December statement - unless you have a fiscal year end) for:

    • Bank account(s)

    • Business credit card(s) (the statement should have activity through year end.  It will most likely have some of the following month's activity on it)

    • Loan statement(s) showing year end balances. 

  • How many miles did you drive for business last year? __________________ miles

  • Copies of current year's Forms 1099 that your business issued to independent contractors and landlords (required when paying over $600 for services or rents - see my Form 1099 page for more information).

  • Copies of any notices received from IRS or Franchise Tax Board (or other state agency)

  • If you are within the filing period for your annual (for corporations) or biannual (for LLC's) Statement of Information filing, would you like me to prepare your Statement of Information?  My fee to do this is $85.

  • Amount of retirement plan liability at tax year end (amount of contributions for prior year that will be or have been made in the current year) 

  • How many years has your business had a retirement plan?________  If you started a retirement plan last year, how much was spent on the plan startup costs? $____________  Does your plan have an auto-enrollment feature?  Yes/No

  • Amount of health, dental, vision & long term care insurance paid on behalf of owners.  Please also note if these were paid from the business account.

  • Copies of invoice or purchase document for equipment (including vehicles) that were purchased with financing in the tax year.

  • Copies of capital leases entered into in the tax year.

  •  (1) Has this business entity previously filed an unclaimed property Holder Remit Report with the State Controller’s Office? . . . . . .  □ Yes No

      (2) If “Yes,” when was the last report filed? (mm/dd/yyyy) • ____________ (3) Amount last                  remitted  $_______________ . ________

  • Does your business offer non-owner employees a retirement plan option?  Note that almost all employers will be mandated to offer a retirement plan by December 31, 2025.  Click here for more information.  

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