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To deliver documents to me you can do one of the following:


1.  For existing clients - Upload to your TY23/Client Source Documents folder in my secure SmartVault client portal (see for information on my portal).  Once the majority of your documents have been uploaded please let me know.

2.  Drop-off with my receptionist, in my downstairs lobby (Ste. 110).  See hours above.


3.  Drop-off from/with my receptionist by having her pass your returns through the window slot (see image below) (see hours above).  Drop-offs can occur after hours with the secure window slot (see below).


4.  Fax documents to me at 530-231-0284.  Be sure to fax both sides of pages if applicable.

5.  For new clients - Upload to my secure DropBox portal account using the link on my website - . Please try to upload to my SmartVault portal first.

5.  Mail to me at:

Wehner Accounting & Tax, Inc.

2744 Del Rio Place, Ste. 200

Davis, CA  95618


Document Delivery Options & Procedures

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