To receive the hard copies of your tax returns (if applicable) &/or have your original documents returned to you (if applicable) or to drop-off documents to me, you can do one of the following:


1.  Pick up/drop-off from/with my receptionist, in our lobby (Ste. 110) wearing a mask, M-Th 8 am-5 pm or Fridays 8 am-noon.


2.  Pick up/drop-off from/with my receptionist by having him pass your returns through the window slot (see image below)  (M-Th 8 am-5 pm or Fridays 8 am-noon as well).  Drop-offs can occur after hours with the secure window slot.








3. Let me know you do not need the hard copies and I will have them shredded.  


4. Let me know you would like me to have your returns &/or original documents mailed to you by US Mail.  If the address you would like the returns to be mailed to is different than the address on your tax returns please let me know.

Document Pickup/Delivery & Drop-off Options & Procedures

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