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Corp/LLC Payment due with Tax Return

Payments that are due with a Corporate or LLC return can be made by going to the FTB's website below:

If you do not have your 7 digit CA Corporate ID available (it is in the upper left hand corner of your CA tax returns), it can also be found by searching for your corporation, by name, on the CA Secretary of State's webpage below:


Below is an example of where the CA corporate id can be found on the SOS'S website:

image (1).png

Once you have the CA Corp ID go to:


Enter Corporation, CA Corp/Entity ID & the code from the FTB generated picture.

Confirm your business entities information appears & then enter your contact information:

image (2).png

Select Form 100, 100S, 100W, 100X & click continue

image (3).png

Click Original Return Payment (100, 100S, 100W, or 3586)) & click continue

FTB CA tax due.jpg

Enter the tax year which you are paying for (should be last calendar year) and payment amount and payment date (should be on or before the due):

FTB CA amt & date.jpg

Enter the bank information that you are using to pay:

image (6).png

The rest I believe should be straight forward. 

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