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Consent Form

If your prior years returns were prepared by a professional, please print and sign the consent form below or click on the link to the right for the pdf format and return to me via email ( ), fax ( 530-231-0284 ) or mail (2744 Del Rio Place, Suite 200, Davis,  CA  95618).  Signing this form will authorize your prior accountant to release your prior year's tax returns and files that will aid in preparing your current year's tax returns.

If you prepared your prior year's returns, this form is not needed.

Consent for disclosure of tax return and accounting information.



Re:       ___________________________________

            Client Name(s) – Please list personal & business names (if applicable)



Dear _____________________________:


I have engaged Matthew Wehner, CPA for accounting and tax services effective _____________________________.  I hereby authorize you to release income tax and accounting files, including copies of all income and payroll tax returns, workpapers, and documentation used in preparing the federal and state income tax returns and financial statements.


Please make available to Matthew Wehner, CPA, at 2744 Del Rio Place, Suite 200, Davis, California, 95618 any information requested by him as necessary to prepare the current year returns.


No other disclosure of information contained in our files to any other person or for any other purpose is authorized.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.




Client Signature

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